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Back home from my first visit to a different continent!
So fun. Much adventure was had. I got to shake hands with Sekihan and Piko!

Have the holiday cards arrived yet?

st - k/s not in front of the klingons

Last chance to get an order in for a delivery of manflesh!

As the post office will be closed from Tuesday and I leave for my trip to the other end of the world before it re-opens, today is your last chance to sign up to receive an inappropriate holiday card! (nsfw)

(Quantities are limited while supplies last. I cannot be held responsible for damages to your reputation or your postal delivery person's psyche. No warranties, express or implied. Void as prohibited. If you sign up too late, you may receive a boringly appropriate consolation postcard from Hong Kong instead.)

st - kirk and spock halfnekkid!time

It's that time of the year. You know... time for some slash!

Due to the possibility of moving rather farther than it is worth transporting the contents of my apartment sometime next year, I have been trying to progressively get rid of things I don't need anymore.

Yesterday, while rooting through my correspondence box, I found an old set of postcards that I have no use for any more. It's of a rather peculiar nature, with the evocative name "The House of Morecock".
I figure, if anyone would love to get some gay anime-style porn addressed to their home for the holidays, I'd probably find them here :)

Very NSFW! and very badly lit overview so you know what to expectCollapse )

One of the postcards has been sent off, but 11 8 are still up for grabs (don't be shy! they all need to go!). I will put them in an envelope, of course (unless you really want me not to). Just leave a comment and you will get a rather naked and buff new year's greeting! (Or tell me if you celebrate christmas and want me to turn it into a christmas card, or something else.) (No guarantees as to exact date of arrival, as I will be on the other side of the globe at the time.)

Comments are screened so the whole internets doesn't get to know your address.

ETA: Deadline to sign up is tomorrow Monday 23rd at noon GMT, as after that the post office is closed until I leave for my trip!

st - uhura at work

ah, academia.

Dear random student randomly mailing random people:

I might be inclined to forgive you for addressing me as "dear sir" given that the only indication of gender on my website is my first name, which is a culturally contextual clue.

However, if you want to work in VLSI Design, why the heck are you e-mailing me? Do you also go to the bakery when you need a refill on your medication?

No love,

misc - regret nothing

I suffered through all the panty shots and jiggly melon boobs so you don't have to.

Whew. It's the beginning of Fall Anime Season, which means watching all the first episodes to sift out which series might be worth following. But this season seems to be extra full of crap so let me rant for a moment. I'll just go through all the titles in a row, starting at the awful and finishing with things I might actually watch.

Auugh teh Awful it burnsCollapse )

More Awful was Made to Serve youCollapse )

Sparkly Bishounen are somehow also Awful whyyyCollapse )

From the terrible we segue into the senselessly violentCollapse )

From this point I actually managed to finish watching the complete episode.Collapse )

Series I will actually continueCollapse )

tl;dr: watch Coppelion.
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vocaloid - kagamine rin & len 2

Con Report!

Yesterday I visited the Mega Manga Convention here in Berlin.

General convention chatterCollapse )

FuwariP Vocaloid ShowCollapse )

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I caught the first-cold-days-of-the-year crud that's been making the rounds at the office.

Tried to console myself with the last bag of my favourite salt & vinegar crisps (so glad that flavour made its way to Germany!)

...only I can't taste a thing. Foiled :(

Ugh, winter. I used to like winter, but apparently I am getting old and cranky already.

At least there is a new Piko cover:

st - kirk and spock looking at each othe

This is all Benedict Cumberbatch's fault

Just rewatched Frat Boys In Space ST:XI in preparation for the new movie. Still can't bring myself to like any of these people (except Uhura, Uhura is cool). I hope they'll discover a shred of maturity in time, or I guess I'll just have to root for Mystery Bad Guy With The Sexy Voice.

Also, for some reason, this week, you can watch XII in original language, or in 2D. But English is only available in combination with conflicting visual signals that make your brain hurt.

Grumpy Old Me would like these young whippersnappers with their newfangled technology and their lack of sense, decorum, or even a shred of decency to go away now, please. Hrmpf.

st - uhura & tribbles galore

You know your holiday season was stressful...

...when you find yourself thinking "I'm glad to be back at the office."

Now if only I could get the printer to print *one* copy, instead of either zero or an infinity...

misc - penguin.


Whoh, I've been away so long I was logged out. (This usually does not happen!)

Though I post so little I don't think anybody could notice! Somehow lately I seem to have acquired a life, wherein I am busy teaching, watching anime, trying to debug my frankensteinian code creations, knitting, looking for something that might actually make a publishable paper, visiting my mom, attempting Japanese conversation, expeditions to faraway cities to explore christmas markets, discovering the best MMO ever, seeing it close shortly after, and of course not missing the monthly drag queen bingo!

Also: Young Naked Mole Rat Plushie, which is way more adorable than the picture (just like actual naked mole rats, which are not terribly photogenic). I've named mine Zumi.